Board and Management




Executive Chairman

Appointed 2 May 2012



An adventurous entrepreneur, the Chairman of Australia United Mining, the founder of Guangxi Orient Foundation Industrial Park Development (The company is principally engaged in industrial park planning, production and marketing of nonferrous metals, marble and calcium carbonate) and the CEO of Gansu Zhongyuan Huaxia Energy Investment (The company is principally engaged in the mining and operation of gold and copper).

Mr Xiao Jing Wang holds a Diploma of Business Management and has extensive commercial and corporate experience, including the management of the Oriental Foundation International Automobile City, one of the projects approved by the Beijing Chaoyang District government. Its total investment exceeds 2 billion RMB (353 million AUD), and includes 18 automobile stores.

Mr Wang is also responsible for the management of Beijing Orient Outlets Factory Shop; with a building area of around 90,000 square metres, the outlet shop is a large sale shopping centre complex offering numerous domestic and foreign brands.

Mr Wang also has extensive energy and resources experience, and holds interests in Zhouqu Chinese Electric Power Corporation, a hydroelectric power station producing 51,000 kilowatts of power and Gansu Zhongyuan Chinese Energy Source Investment Corporation, as well as interests in the Beisha Hongshan Mining Area and the Hougou Mining District.



Jun Wang

Non-Executive Director

Appointed 20 February 2018


Mr Jun Wang acted as CEO of Credit Asset Management Limited and Director of Sam Real Estate Pty Ltd with over 19 years’ experience in mortgage industry and 10 years’ experience in real estate industry. During his time as CEO, Mr Wang broadened lending products range and developed the relationship with some major banks including Citibank, Bankwest Westpac and National Australia Bank. Mr Wang had also been the state manager of Credit Mortgage Pty Ltd between 2000 and 2004 and played a significant role in the establishment of Victoria Branch.


Non-Executive Director

Appointed 2 May 2012


Ms Yu holds a Bachelor of Political Science and Law Degree and has passed the British Association of Chartered Certified Accountants exam in the People’s Republic of China. She is currently an Executive Officer with the Oriental Foundation Investment Group, a large company based in Beijing with interests in real estate, the mineral industry, the energy sector and the finance sector.