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Previous exploration was mainly by prospectors in the period 1880 to 1929. Modern exploration has been recorded since 1967 by Anaconda, North Broken Hill 1979–1983, Australian Hanna 1969, Helix 1986-1991, Lachlan Resources 1976–1990 and LFB Resources NL 2001.

Within the Honeybugle complex, costeaning reportedly gave results of 194m at 0.34g/t Pt, including 2m at 17.6g/t Pt. RAB drilling returned best assays of 8m at 0.5g/t Pt. Grab sampling produced values up to 2.6% Cu, 1200ppm Cr, 1750ppm Co, 2.0g/t Pt, 3150ppm Ni.

Exploration carried out by AYM since 2008 has included geophysical interpretation, completion of a highresolution aeromagnetic and radiometric survey and follow up ground magnetic surveying.

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